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About Innocor Comfort

At Innocor Comfort® , we’re committed to designing real solutions for consumers—solutions that make daily life more comfortable. We believe our products should do more than relieve a backache or even improve your sleep—they should make you and your family’s life better!

When a product is made just for you, you can feel the difference. Are you looking for a better night’s sleep? A soft spot to lounge on? Or relief from the pain of standing at your kitchen sink or workbench? Every product we offer undergoes extensive consumer testing to ensure we’ve translated your needs into solutions that work.

At Innocor Comfort® , we’re not bound by what”s already been done, but by what could be. It’s just one of the reasons why we lead innovation in the foam industry with new technology, materials, and design.

We pride ourselves on memory foam made in the USA at twenty two manufacturing facilities. This ensures that every foam product you buy from Innocor Comfort® has met the highest standards for quality and safety.

Please visit the Sleep Innovations website to learn more about our consumer products while our Innocor Comfort website is under construction.

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